404 Eval error

Templeet has found an error while evaluating template/pub/tags/index.tmpl

                        zone :-1Globallist : Could not query: SELECT GREATEST(p.pub_date, p.changed) as date, p.id, p.ressource_type_id, p.img, pt.href, pt.href as hrefloc, pc.title,pc.clearurl, pc.subtitle, pc.state, pc.body, u.last_name, u.first_name, l.path as image, pc.tags
FROM page AS p
INNER JOIN ressource_type AS pt ON p.ressource_type_id = pt.id
INNER JOIN page_content AS pc ON p.id = pc.page_id
INNER JOIN user  AS u ON p.user_id = u.id
LEFT JOIN article AS a ON a.page_id = p.id
LEFT JOIN rex AS r ON r.page_id = p.id
LEFT JOIN library AS l ON l.page_id = p.id
WHERE p.ressource_type_id IN ('1','2','3','29')
AND pc.lang = 'fr'
AND pc.state = '1'
  				AND (
  				 	((pc.categories REGEXP '(,0$)|(^0$)|(^0,)|(,0,)')
    				OR 		 ( pc.tags REGEXP '(,[[:space:]]?ng%jĖ\\\"r&{[a-z[:space:]]*[[:space:]]?$)|(^[[:space:]]?ng%jĖ\\\"r&{[a-z[:space:]]*[[:space:]]?$)|(^ng%jĖ\\\"r&{[a-z[:space:]]*[[:space:]]?,)|(,[[:space:]]?ng%jĖ\\\"r&{[a-z[:space:]]*[[:space:]]?,)'))



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